Updating the state with jotai is simple with the provided set function but things can go complex and requires some extra effort with the nested object states as you have to copy the state at each level with the spread operator ... like so,

... setAtomTodo(state => { const deepCopyState = { ...state, todo: { ...state.todo, person: { ...state.todo.person, title: { ...state.todo.person.title, goal: "new title" } } } } return deepCopyState; });

This is a very naive method and there may be a higher chance that you make some mistakes while updating the state like this.

To make our life easy we can take advantage of jotai 3rd party library's support. Jotai officially supports Immer, Optics, Zustand, tRPC, and various other 3rd party integrations.

Let's see how we can use immer to directly mutate the state, You have to install immer and jotai-immer to use this feature.

npm install immer jotai-immer

Create a new atom with atomWithImmer.

import { atomWithImmer } from 'jotai-immer'; const immerAtom = atomWithImmer(todo); ... const updateTodo = () => { setAtomTodo(immerTodo => { // directly mutating the state with immer immerTodo.todo.person.title = "new title"; return immerTodo; }); }

atomWithImmer creates a new atom similar to the regular atom with a different writeFunction. In this bundle, we don't have read-only atoms, because the point of these functions is the immer produce(mutability) function. The signature of writeFunction is (get, set, update: (draft: Draft<Value>) => void) => void.

import { useAtom } from 'jotai';
import { atomWithImmer } from 'jotai-immer';

const todo = {
  todo: {
    person: {
      name: "David",
        title: {
          goal: "old todo"
const immerAtom = atomWithImmer(todo);

export default function Page() {
  const [todoAtom, setAtomTodo] = useAtom(immerAtom);
  const updateTodo = () => {
    setAtomTodo(state => {
        state.todo.person.title.goal = "new title";
        return state;
  return (
    <div className="app">
      <h3>Name: {}</h3>
      <p>Todo: {todoAtom.todo.person.title.goal}</p>
      <button onClick={updateTodo}>Update Todo</button>
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