This is an overview of the atom creators/hooks utilities that can be found under jotai/utils. We already covered atomWithStorage and loadable API in previous lessons.

1.atomWithReset Creates an atom that could be reset to its initialValue with useResetAtom hook. It works exactly the same way as primitive atom would, but you are also able to set it to a special value RESET.

import { atomWithReset } from 'jotai/utils' const counter = atomWithReset(1)

2.selectAtom This function creates a derived atom whose value is a function of the original atom's value, determined by selector. The selector function runs whenever the original atom changes; it updates the derived atom only if equalityFn reports that the derived value has changed. By default, equalityFn is reference equality, but you can supply your favorite deep-equals function to stabilize the derived value where necessary.

const defaultPerson = { name: { first: 'Jane', last: 'Doe', }, birth: { year: 2000, month: 'Jan', day: 1, } } // Original atom. const personAtom = atom(defaultPerson) const nameAtom = selectAtom(personAtom, (person) => person.name, deepEqual)

Read docs for more utils.

import AtomWithReset from './AtomWithReset.js'
import SelectAtom from './SelectAtom.js'

export default function App() {
  return (
      <AtomWithReset />
      <SelectAtom />

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