Creating your first atom

Jotai atoms are small isolated pieces of state. Ideally, one atom contains very small data. Here's how you create your first atom.

import { atom } from 'jotai'; const counter = atom(0);

It is as simple to use as React’s integrated useState hook, but all state is globally accessible.

const [count, setCounter] = useAtom(counter);

The atom we created is to be passed to useState hook with the help of jotai useAtom function, which returns an array, where the 1st element is the value of atom, and the 2nd element is a function used to set the value of the atom.

Jotai considers anything to be an atom so you can create any type of atom you want whether it is atom of objects, arrays, or nested objects.

const friendObj = atom({ name: "John", online: false }); const cities = atom([ "Tokoyo", "Kyoto", "Osaka" ]); const nestedObj = atom({ friend1: { name: "John", age: 18 } });
import { atom, useAtom } from 'jotai';

const counter = atom(0);

export default function Page() {
  const [count, setCounter] = useAtom(counter);
  const onClick = () => setCounter(prev => prev + 1);
  return (
      <button onClick={onClick}>Click</button>
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