Persisting state value

In this lesson, we will take a look at how we can persist the state value to localStorage with jotai atoms. Persisting state to localStorage can be challenging. You might want to persist the user's preferences or data for their next session.

Jotai atomWithStorage is a special kind of atom that automatically syncs the value provided to it with localstorage or sessionStorage, and picks the value upon the first load automatically. It's available in the jotai/utils module. To persist our theme atom simply create it with the atomWithStorage atom.

const theme = atomWithStorage('dark', false)

Now, when you reload the preview section of the editor you will see that the theme matches the value from before the page reload.

import { useAtom } from 'jotai';
import { atomWithStorage } from 'jotai/utils';

const theme = atomWithStorage('dark', false);

export default function Page() {
  const [appTheme, setAppTheme] = useAtom(theme);
  const handleClick = () => setAppTheme(!appTheme);
  return (
    <div className={appTheme? 'dark': 'light'}>
      <h1>This is a theme switcher</h1>
      <button onClick={handleClick}>{appTheme? 'DARK': 'LIGHT'}</button>
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